Why I Am Choosing To (Still) Wear Leggings Actually look Amazing

But I found myself genuinely upset, disappointed and a tad gnashing your teeth after reading the article, Why I Chose To No Longer Wear Leggings by Veronica Partridge. It got under my skin. The same skin that loves to grace yoga pants.

To total it up, she is choosing not to wear yoga pants or leggings because she doesnt want to entice NEBBIA Legíny . She believes some men accomplish not have as much self-control such as her husband, whom even admitted that it is tough not to look following women wear that specific article of clothing. She with wants to manage to pay for a good example of what to wear for her daughter. Now you may be thinking, are we seriously having a debate practically yoga pants? Yes.

There is a lot more to it than you think. even though she starts in the manner of the disclaimer that this is her information and personal other and that she isnt telling women what to wear, I yet felt outrage. It yet felt behind she was. Now this generalized direction went viral and snuck into the minds of women everywhere. My first reaction: Hell no! I am not going to stop wearing yoga pants because of that.

From a feminist standpoint, it feels next we are taking a step backward if we were to go behind this another of not wearing yoga pants or leggings in radio alarm of enticing men. It roughly feels insulting to women who have fought for our rights and release to be adept to wear what we want today.

It as well as pains me to think that a girl is choosing to accomplish this to herself and now influencing supplementary women behind her public article about this decision on her website. Essentially, like this stance, we are limiting ourselves due to mens emotions and nonexistence of self-control. She states, If a man wants to look, he is going to look, but why entice them? The sentence should have stopped after, he is going to look.

He is going to see whether you are in sweatpants, a skirt, dress, or shorts. What if some men are attracted to red lipstick? Should we stop wearing that too? What if high heels are sexy to a man? Should we lonely wear those in relation to the home as well? Why get we have to think very nearly not wearing things that makes us quality pretty and confident out of radio alarm that men might look at us?

As I have thought about and discussed this article, it starts to tone a little too ridiculous and a touch on top of the top. If I were to tolerate a moment to be dramatic, I would challenge men not to wear golf pants. Maybe, while we are at it, we should write a letter to the Major League Baseball and request they amend the uniforms.

Because how many women will deny checking out the athletes butts in those baseball pants? Husbands and boyfriends everywhere, have it known that those men will be enticing us as we sit through that game.


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