You can now affirmation SWAP, CLIPS, COLLAR, IRS subsequently the greatest guarantee of professionalism and free of charge

You can recover your directionless grant if you have been affected by the “SWAPS” by judicial resolution. For this our office pays every expenses of ATTORNEY, ATTORNEY, technical PERITORS AND NOTARY . You will never be asked for keep to allegation CONTRACTS OF FINANCIAL EXCHANGE, either in any of its modalities ‘SWAP’, ‘IRS’, ‘CLIP’, ‘BONO CLIP’, secure QUOTE, FINANCIAL EXCHANGE, TYPE COVERAGE AGREEMENT. And, moreover, never below cumulative lawsuits, deserted individual lawsuits.

At ADS ABOGADOS we have been claiming SWAPS for years and we have numerous judgments in our favor, which has led us to carry out a advocate for that reason that any insulted party who has a financial product that can be annulled, can claim it pardon of war and always counting upon specialist lawyers . Shielding your claims once practiced advice from contrato permuta financiera.

Neither pull off we perceive a single euro of the amounts that the bank is obliged to reward due to the annulment. This is the true meaning of 100% free CLAIM. We do not stroke the customer, neither before nor after.

You can check the feasibility of filing a affirmation without compromise. We offer a extremely forgive study by lawyer and economist specializing in alternative contracts.

If after the investigation of our lawyers and economists we comprehend that the claim is viable, we will present you a written demand sheet , in which all conditions will be clear, WE WILL NEVER collective everything TO THE CUSTOMER AND PAY THE COSTS OF YOUR CLAIM.


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