Eliminate a floor clause of the mortgage without assuming judicial costs, we have the perfect solution is

We maintain free of charge the nullity of one’s floor clause and the get back of most of the surplus compensated , using their equivalent interest. Our Floor Clause declare is 100% FREE.You’ll not have to pay any amount. Our company runs all prices of LAWYERS, ATTORNEY, TECHNICAL PERIODS AND NOTARY in the claims of the Clause Soil. Additionally, we won’t charge actually an individual euro of what’s returned by the bank. And generally under specific demands.At ADS Abogados we perform all through Spain.

First, we organized a examine on the feasibility of claiming a floor clause by our lawyers and economists, and how much has been paid in surplus by the same because the beginning of the mortgage. If your GROUND CLAUSE declare is sensible, we shall produce a published request sheet, with all obviously defined conditions. Around, every thing is clear. The client won’t ever have to pay to your company any amount for the State of their Clause Soil.

There are many judgments of the Supreme Court on the matter of Clause floor, and the High Court of Justice of clausula suelo American Union ruled that really must be repaid the sum total amounts, so we have a rate of accomplishment of 100% verifiable , and inside our judgment the (The judge purchases them to cover all our costs, and if he didn’t get it done, we would maybe not cost them anything, to allow them to validate the actual trust we’ve in his case).

Check out what different practices actually offer. It’s not the same for free, you spend at the end. It’s not necessarily exactly the same free of charge, sometimes. Make certain also that you don’t cost any percentage of the recovered. Since we offer the most effective situations to maintain the floor of the mortgage, we’re one of the very positive clauses delivered by positive terms.

We took floor clauses from all the banks, cajas and financiers who required ground clauses on the mortgages. We have sued and won Banco Common (Banco Pastor, Banco Castilla, Banco Andalucia, Oficinadirecta), Banco Sabadell, Spain – Unicaja (Caja Duero, Caja España, Banco Ceiss), Manhunter Caixa (Caja Sol), BNM, Liberbank, Banca March , Ibercaja, UCI, Credifimo …


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