Can be the Importance of Education now?

We understand the title may not sound right to some. After all, the overall belief is that education is very important and a must in today’s world. Just how can anyone even question its importance?

Very well, as always, there appears to be many misconceptions about the value of education. While everyone, ranging from the poor people living on roads to the ultra wealthy believes that education is a must today, many seem to be to be mistaking education for something that simply involves getting good grades.

A very comprehensive example explaining the current situation

Confused? Let all of us explain. Assume you’re given a book that includes a great deal of highly complicated and extremely difficult-to-understand information about the planets of our solar system. Though you think it is extremely boring, you read and understanding the information due to the fact you’re advised that you will be designed to take a test and based on the results, offered an incentive.

Therefore you try your best to learn and bear in mind as much as you can, and you perform well in quality. The reward you’re given, however, is nothing but another book about planets, however the only difference is that it’s even bigger and has more complicated information. You get extremely irritated and wonder what’s going on with you.

Well, discussing just stop here. All these example seems to quite relevant with the current condition of the training system. Students are made to study things they have got nothing to do with, and really very unlikely that they can ever before have anything to do with them, unless they choose to build a profession in that particular field, which again, is an extremely rare case circumstance.

However, when students importance of education hard, regardless of how irrelevant the subjects are, they get good degrees. They then visit a higher class, where the same things are repeated, with the sole difference being that there is a greater burden of doing well in conditions of degrees.

The point were attempting to make

Regardless of how weird the above information may sound, it does make a point. This is due to the reality many seem to be to be having many misconceptions regarding what true education in fact is, and what it needs to give attention to. As of now, it appears to be a source of vast information, which is nearly anything but useful for the students when considering to heading out in real life and performing.

Sure, many students do get a very high-paying job, but it’s probably only after they take up other much more practical educational courses such as an MBA, CFA, and so on. People who don’t have the required resources to sign up into such courses are usually remaining in an extremely worrying condition.


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